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When Your Loved Ones Should Receive Home Care


Most of the time, seniors, as they age, can still depend on themselves and do simple tasks without needing much senior care.

However, you should still consider getting a caregiver in mind if your elderly loved one is currently living alone since they would benefit from some assistance with their daily tasks.

Angels Home Care Providers know that getting long-term care or home health care in California for an elderly family member can be challenging. We’ve listed the most common indicators that your elderly loved one requires additional support at home to help you decide if it’s time to start searching for one:

  • Needing more home care assistance
    Always keep an eye on the personal hygiene of your loved ones. Can they keep themselves clean without being reminded? Are their homes still managed well?
  • Having poor appetite or nutrition
    Are they no longer interested in making healthy food? Do you see them not eating correctly during their daily meals?
  • More isolated
    Have you noticed that your loved one seems less engaged in daily life and more detached from your family than they once were?
  • Having difficulties with their medication
    Is there ever a time when your loved one forgets to take their vitamins or medications? When did they last refill their prescriptions?

If you or a loved one notices any of these indicators, it may be time to discuss getting home care in Long Beach, California, with your aging loved one to give them a better quality of life!

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