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The Common Dangers of Your Home


The best homes preserve our safety and comfort. We recharge in these living spaces, which help us attend to our daily affairs. With its importance, it is only fair that every home should have the capacity to cater to our every need.
As a provider of home health care in California, we perpetually witness how some homes become the opposite of the ideal living space. This turnaround can be attributed to the many changes the body goes through with deteriorating health. With health decline, you may lose many physical and cognitive abilities, raising your risk of accidents. What are some of the common dangers you can find at home?

  • Slippery floors
    Floors in your bathrooms, patios, and kitchens are bound to get slippery as they often get wet as you use these areas. Slippery floors are dangerous for anyone but fatal for individuals with poor mobility. Adequate companionship services can assist your loved ones as they attend to their activities inside these areas.
  • Rooms with tools and equipment
    Pieces of equipment and tools can cause injury when misused. Individuals with declining health may enter these rooms unsupervised and suffer injuries from these potentially dangerous objects. With that, make sure to have them accompanied by a qualified caregiver at all times.
  • Staircases
    Stairs and other platforms are some of the most dangerous areas for those with compromised health. The uneven terrain raises the risk of injury-inducing falls. You can choose to have ramps and stairlifts installed around your home to mitigate this risk.

Here at Angels Home Care Providers, we can help your loved ones stay safe at home with our home care in Southern California. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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