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Preserving Your Loved One’s Mobility


A range of factors can affect your mobility. For one, numerous health conditions can directly hurt your mobility. Conditions like stroke, osteoporosis, and arthritis affect our overall mobility and health. Furthermore, your mobility will also naturally decline as you age.

Providing home health care in California has taught us that, despite the many factors that hurt your mobility, there are also many ways to preserve it.

  • Exercise

    Regular exercise is one of the best methods for preserving mobility and overall health. Regular exercise strengthens your bones, muscles, and joints. These exercises also lessen your risk of getting chronic illnesses. If these exercises are too strenuous for your loved ones, you can always work with a caregiver for added assistance.

  • Assistive devices

    A lot of devices are created for mobility and ambulation assistance. Wheelchairs and scooters are best for those who experience a complete loss of ambulation. Devices like stairlifts also allow you to navigate stairs better. If these devices do not currently meet your needs, you can also explore walkers.

  • Fall prevention programs

    A good fall prevention program helps your loved ones lessen the incidence of fatal falls in your home. With the right program, your loved one’s safety and mobility can be preserved.

  • Physical therapy

    Physical therapy optimizes a range of physical abilities and can remove pain when moving. These treatments can even improve stability and balance, which helps maintain your loved one’s mobility and safety.

Here at Angels Home Care Providers, we have the skills and expertise to help preserve your loved one’s mobility as we provide home care in Southern California. Reach out to us today for your inquiries!

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