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Why Is There A Need for Ambulation Assistance?


Our body, mainly motor functions, typically slow down during prolonged hospitalization. Our ability to transfer from bed to wheelchair is an essential skill to learn before being sent home from the hospital.

That’s why many families take it upon themselves to provide their loved ones with personal assistance with tasks such as ambulation and transfers. So, precisely what does this service entail?

Mobility and ambulation assistance refers to assisting someone to stand and walk, either with the aid of medical equipment or the help of another person, such as a caregiver or a private duty assistant.

It’s common for patients to become more inactive after undergoing surgery or living with a chronic health condition. Patients and immobile older people can suffer from low muscular mass, strength, and oxygen levels.

If this situation persists, the patients will have an increasingly difficult and unpleasant time moving. Safe ambulation and transfer services from a professional caregiver can be essential for resolving all these issues.

Here at Angels Home Care Providers, our care professionals are more than qualified to assist people with mobility issues or making a recovery with ambulation and transfers in our home health care in California.

Your loved ones can get help walking, keeping their balance, getting around, and transferring from a bed to a wheelchair if they have access to professional caregiver support.

To learn more about our home care in Southern California, feel free to contact us anytime when you need our assistance!

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