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The Simple Guide to Alzheimer’s Care


Alzheimer’s is a type of progressive brain disorder characterized by memory, thinking, and behavior problems and is one of the leading causes of Dementia in adults. As providers of home health care in California, hereunder are some of the tips we follow to assist them:

  • Research
    Learning everything about the disease, especially its signs and symptoms, causes, and treatments helps us know how to deal with our patients. Knowing the struggles they’re going through allows the caregiver to relate to their pain and guide them throughout.
  • Creating a routine
    Routine in the form of exercises reinforces their sense of familiarity as learning is crystallized through repetition. If changes have to be implemented, we ensure they are done gradually to avoid messing with their minds.
  • Communication
    To communicate with them effectively, we use a soft and calming voice and pair it with appropriate body language. We also ask one question at a time to avoid making clients feel overwhelmed.
  • Healthy meal
    We ensure they get the proper nutrition through a balanced diet, vitamin supplementation, and hydration.
  • Boosting self-esteem
    As caregivers specializing in senior care, we encourage them to stay hygienic and pleasing. We do so to help them obtain self-confidence despite their age and condition, including to lessen their Anxiety.

Taking care of patients who have Alzheimer’s is challenging, but with our diligent caregivers, nothing is impossible. Angels Home Care Providers, your provider of home care in Long Beach, California, wishes to create a significant and positive impact on our patients by giving them the appropriate care they deserve.

Trust our health management plans for you. Contact us to get started!

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