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Getting Patients with Dementia to Eat their Food

Getting Patients with Dementia to Eat their Food

Patients who are experiencing middle to late stages of dementia can find regular, nutritious meals challenging and confusing. They can feel overwhelmed due to numerous food choices. They may even forget to eat, or encounter difficulties with eating utensils.

Proper nutrition is vital in keeping our bodies strong and healthy, especially among patients with special needs and progressive illnesses like dementia. We are here to provide you with a few methods that a caregiver from Angels Home Care Providers would do to ensure that each of their patients receives the nutrition and sustenance they need:

  • Limit distractions.
    Serve your loved one’s meals in a quiet surrounding, away from the tv or radio.
  • Serve only one or two dishes at a time.
    Too many foods served at once will confuse and overwhelm your patient/loved one.
  • Check the food temperature.
    A person with dementia might not be able to distinguish hot from cold food.
  • Distinguish food from the plate.
    Instead of patterned and colorful plates and tablecloths, use plain, white ones instead.
  • Keep the table setting simple and clean.
    Avoid placing distracting items like fruits or floral arrangements.

All this sounds overwhelming, especially if you’re caring for your loved one alone. A great solution for your troubles and stress is to invest in a home care in Long Beach, California. A caregiver will be around to help you care for your loved one and even do some light housekeeping.

If you are looking for home health care in California, look no further. We’re here to help. Just give us a call to set an appointment. See you soon!

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